Thursday, September 27, 2012

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Tribute to a Cat

I once knew that special cat.He appeared one rainy day soaked to the skin and with blood in place where his tale should be.He had no other injuries so I can just conclude that some human being,if I can call him like that hurt,that little kitten.Oh he was little,smaller than a palm and starved and scared to death.He was so afraid of humans and it took him a while to get used to being around them.His wound healed and he gain some weight.A friend called him Suki.That was his official name but we mostly called him kitty.
Suki was a weird cat but it was nothing unusual considering what happened to him.He wasn't violent but when he wanted to move his tail and realized he had none,he would just start jumping around like he was high.It was funny,disturbing and scary at the same time.He played with old bags,climbed on closets and had a habit of touching someone with his paw if he sensed that he was not given enough attention.He also liked when someone would touch his nose and say bi-bi.

He liked sleeping in the sink,and eating dog's food.Oh yeah he had a roommate.Actually he had a few.But this tomcat showed them who's the boss.Actually he thought he was the boss but his playful nature would always come to the surface and he would befriend the newcomers.He mimicked them and posed with them,he teased them merciless but still slept next to them.


Sukie was a really special cat who sensed when you are sad and would lie on your stomach offering warmth and comfort.Just looking at him would make your day better.Since he lived on the seventeenth floor with a big adjourned terase,his favorite pastime was catching pigeons and bugs and making Maza angry.Maza is the beautiful golden retriver in the last picture.Making her angry is almost impossible because she is such a mild and gentle creature.She never even barks and she lets everybody to  pet her.She was found tied to a bench.No one could tell how many days she spent like that.Humans can be ruthless bastards that much I can say.Well Maza became the member of the family.She didn't mind when Sukie was drinking her water or eating her food.I guess she was happy she had any of it.She didn't mind when Sukie was sleeping in her place.She would just lie on the carpet and watch TV with those serene eyes.We thought she was expecting because she was huge and were looking forward to having puppies around.It turned out it was a fake pregnancy.Yes,dogs have it when they prepare their bodies for the actual future pregnancy.So she was acting like a mother and was really protective. She proved that when I found these babies behind a local supermarket.I have a soft spot for abandoned animals and would always help them with food or shelter,even finding a new home.These babies were taken from their mother when they were maybe a week or so old.Kids must've found them,had fun and left them a few blocks away.They were too small to eat food good people left to them.They were in danger of being run over by a car or attacked by stray dogs.We took them home and fed them on a bottle because they couldn't eat by themselves,we even gave them names.Soon after we put their pictures on the internet in hope that someone will take them in.A girl answered our call saying that she knows from where the kittens came from.Their mother was looking for them.After a struggle to keep them fed and satisfied,in which Maza helped wholeheartedly and treated them like their own pups, we took them back to their mother.We rubbed the mom's fur and the kittens so she wouldn't reject them.Well she didn't.She was thrilled to have them back that she didn't actually cared for anything else.And neighbors were happy too because they seemed to like Pajke (the mum) very much and they thanked us for bringing them back.Together we decided to find them home as soon as they become stronger and not dependent on their mother.And we did.Three of them found happy owner's.One was still too weak so we didn't want to separate him  from his mother.In the end,after the unfortunate events,we came back for the last kitten.We put her in a bag where she fell asleep instantly.Maza was happy and Pheobe seemed to be happy too (the kitten).

 It was all because one day Sukie found another pastime and he caught a bat that bit him.I once heard that if you take a bat's wing,dry it and carry in your bag you will never lack suitors.Well I never get to do that because the bat disappeared and so did Suki.He was gone most of the day and when he did not appear the other day too it was a cause for alarm.I even joked that maybe he turned into a bat and flew away.Me and my stupid sense of humor.In the morning there was a  stain on the asphalt near the building and a guy in the nearby shop said there was a cat lying there but they had to remove it because of the customers.He didn't care to look at the picture of Sukie to confirm whether it was the same cat.He didn't bother to tell where the body was taken,carried,dumped whatever we just wanted to know..Sukie lived in that same apartment for two years.How is it possible that a cat who knew every inch of that place ends up falling from the terace?He had neighbors who hated him.Maybe someone was mean enough to push him or cause him fall.Maybe he just miscalculated the height and slipped.I want to believe that he just escaped and that he is well.It's been two months already since he is gone and it is really difficult to get used to that fact.
R.I.P Sukie.

P.S.Here are some unusual animals my BFF photographed.First is an albino cat with two different eyes,a rarity itself.Wish I had seen it myself.Second pet is a weasel my friend found in her old shed.He was also a baby and she took him in until he was big enough to live by himself.He now lives with cats in that same shed.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Doing Things My Way

I dreamed the end of the world last night.We were struck by three tidal waves after which my building was miraculously left standing.Than we had an earthquake and I fell out of my seventh floor window and ended up unharmed.Soon after zombies started coming out of their graves and I woke up.It was like re-watching 2012 and Resident Evil in my sleep.
Anyway if it ever happens just remember I've foreseen how it will 
look like ;)

Monday, September 24, 2012

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Short Post

Went to a flea market,bought a shirt for 0,50 KM.Mum said I have dead people on it.
Went to CM,bought BB Cream so I wouldn't look like a dead person when I go out in the mornings.
Happy Birthday mum,luv ya!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Godness Gayness-Part II

When your day starts weird it's bound to end up weird as well.First fellow artist,godess among new age artists (will write about her soon),posted this on her wall and I was like wtf.Honestly I don't know form were this shit comes but it ain't normal and sure as hell it ain't true.I personally appreciate beauty in every form and if I see a beautiful girl I will say she is beautiful because I'm not blind and I'm not gonna pretend to be one.That makes me an observer in constant search of inspiration not a lesbian for God's sake.

  • Alain de Valois This explains everything! I have an appreciation for art and a hankering for snatch, ergo: I'm a lesbian. I am now secure in my sexual identity. Thank you! x
  • Victoria Andronowa wut lol xDDDDDDDD

  •  Desiree Moore Bah! I know plenty of amazing straight female artists. I feel like I must not dive into my art enough if I'm not a full-blown lesbian! Half-assed. Well, time to drop the hubby so I can be a real artist! :D


The same goes for boys.Well liking cute Korean boys made M. to study my behavior like I was a lab rate and finally he came upon a definition that describes my state.Since I'm such a babble-mouth and can't keep my mouth shut when I should,I told him all about my "cuttie rices" .That's how I call Koreans (moje riže).The guy had patience and listened to me saying nonsense for two days so I had to give him credit.It's the least he deserved.This is his diagnose.Apparently I am half-straight because I like these guys:

    Sean O'Pry

   Victor Webster

David Gandy

Channing Tatum

  and I'm half-androsexual because I like these guys:

       Kim Hyun Joong

         Lee Jun Ki

         Ren from Nuest

Gi Kwang from Beast


 And yes they are really guys,even the blondie and the term androsexual really exists (although it's a first time I'm hearing of it).It basically means that I'm a girl who likes feminine boys or a boy who likes boyish girls i.e androgynous people.So M. labeled me and went even further by stating that I am a weirdo (it takes one to know one) who doesn't like being attached and don't do relationships.Reading too much romance novels,in which plain girl gets the "hottie of the ton",screwed me up badly so my expectations kind off hit the roof and went right through it.What's wrong with me liking fiction guys better?When and if I find my own jackass on a white horse than I'm gonna like him only.
Since I'm among the youngest members of the family from both sides I had enough drama with my older cousins and their boyfriends/girlfriends to wish to live it myself soon.For now I stick to the books and I don't follow that logic which says that I have to have a boyfriend if all of my friends do.Logic and I never met in a road anyway and it is most likely that that will never happen.Since I'm not planning to get married (the thought itself freaks me out) I said to my parents that they should've had more kids because I'm not the one who will give them grandkids....cats,dogs and monkeys maybe...but grandkids no,no,no way....
The other weird part happened when my mum went to check mail and found a ring in our mailbox along with the pamphlets of some political organizations.The elections are approaching and politicians are practically everywhere but I don't get the ring part.I did not ordered it from the internet and none of my friends left it for me so how in the world it ended up in a mailbox.It even occurred to me that maybe political organizations started giving free jewelry as a part of their campaign.How cool would that be!Anyway the mystery was not solved and even if somebody left it there by mistake I'm not giving it back.Who finds it,keeps it.


Friday, September 21, 2012

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Godness Gayness-Part I

Today's post is going to be a long one.I mean a really,really long one with lots of unnecessary information.You may as well skip it but I had a need to write it.Events of these past few days made me realize that being different is not a bad thing.Stating your opinions and believes can be healthy for your body and your mind.To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best,night and day,to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting.So here I am,stating my opinion with which you may or may not agree.Feel free to comment as much as you want and if you want.
My day yesterday started with an invitation to go this weather...not a chance in way.I only go out when the sun is shinning brightly.So I was planning to refuse politely using any excuse available which wouldn't  make me look mean for not wanting to hang out.

Plan failed simply because my  friend wouldn't hear of it yet alone believe in it.She compared me to an old grumpy lady and threatened not to call me ever again.I know her long enough to take her threat seriously.That's how I ended up outside standing in the rain and cold weather,two things I hate the most.I silently thanked my mum for reminding me "to always carry an umbrella in my bag" and cursed under my breath because of the downpour.With a substantial amount of willpower I resisted the urge to go back to bed....only wished I wore something much much warmer ..... 

Anyway I went for a coffee with the old squad from the kindergarten.Yes,I still cherish those few friends I made as a kid.We lived in the same neighborhood,went to the same kindergarten and then to the same schools-that's more than half of our lives spent together.We've been through a lot actually and we bonded on a cellular level :))) It's been said that everlasting friends can go long time without speaking and they never question their friendship.These friends pick up phones like they just spoke yesterday regardless of how long it has been and how far away they live.They don't hold grudges and they understand that life is busy and that you will always love them no matter what.Along with one very special friend I met in college they are my favorite people in a whole wide world and I'm more than lucky to have them in my life.

 I can state with certainty that we had a normal childhood if you ignore the fact that every time we got angry at each other we would say stuff like:my dad will come to your house with a tank and blow your family away,my dad is bigger than your dad and he will turn him into a squash with one single blow,my dad mum that.I actually threatened to bring Batman and Robin instead of mum and dad (so embarrassing I know).I'm just glad I grew up when I did.We didn't solve our problems with guns and didn't hire assassins to end our friends just because they said some nasty stuff on Facebook.Oh wait,we didn't have Facebook,or the internet,or computers when we are at it.We had cassette players and bunch of old tapes.We had jump ropes and hulahoops.We made castles from kitchen chairs and doll clothes from old rags.We had slap bracelets,jojo,tamagotchi and playing  marbles and hide-and-seek was the highlight of our day.Kids nowadays seem to be missing all the fun by sitting in front of their computers playing Call of Duty.
Anyway one of my friends used to be a real cry-baby back then,a cute cry-baby if you ask me.I teased him merciless because of it and he teased me back because I had no front teeth.Flirt in a toddlers way.I'll just call him M.In our kindergarten we were forced to go to sleep or just lay still from 12 to 3 until our parents came to pick us up.While we waited M,my closest girlfriend and I always had our little talks beneath the blanket.Just for the record we all had our own beds and there was a space between us,that's why it was so difficult to hear what the other person was saying.We were playing deaf phones and it was hilarious.Haven't seen M. in a while cause he lives abroad....but his mum knows mine so from time to time I get greetings form him and infos about him.

That guy is really a piece of work.If I had a brother I would wish him to look and act exactly the same:soon-to-be a psychology major,witty,intelligent,smooth talking,easy on the eye,with amazing style and still too cute for his own good.Then I wouldn't be the only odd one out in the family.You probably wonder how is being smart and sexy odd?Wait and I'll tell you.My parents would go ballistic if they had him for a son.The thought itself makes me grin like a Chesire cat.I'm a meanie I know...just can't help myself sometimes.It would be difficult for them of course,the conservative people born and raised in this country,to face the truth about their son and than deal with it.Hell I wouldn't know how to deal with it.I would feel different but my love wouldn't change.Well my parents are lucky since I'm the only child and I am not lucky because I get to be blamed for everything,but that's a different story completely.Did you guess by now what I'm talking about?Not yet?Well here it is-plain and simple truth.My childhood friend is gay.That smart perfect guy every girl dreams of is GAY.Lucky him for living in a country where his sexual orientation is not a taboo and his life is not in jeopardy.I was in shock for about 5 seconds.Then I felt a small hint of pain,fear and disappointment mixing inside of me.Let me tell you that it's much easier to talk about homosexuals when a person in question is not someone close to you.In the next moment I thought "that's a shame because guys like him should multiply and spread the hottie gene."Somewhere between his confession and my dealing with it,my mum called to ask when will I be back.Since I heard my devilish little cousins screaming in the background I said I wont be home for a while.From that point onwards the conversation pretty much went in all directions.I must admit that I had such a great time.If I stayed at home I would miss a lot and would regret it for the rest of my life.Seeing all of them in one place was just priceless.Having a friend who understands you better than anybody else and who is gay at top of that is so sex-and-the city.I actually feel honored to get to live something like that.My family may be ultraconservative family but I am the complete opposite.I never had anything against bisexuals,gynosexuals,heterosexuals,homosexuals,ambisexuals,transexuals or any other form of sexual behavior.To me love is love and it doesn't really matter in which form it manifests.What people do with their lives is their own business.Free people,free choice,free will to do whatever you want to do.I know what I am and you can be whatever you want to be as long as you're not hurting anyone in the process.  

It's ironic how killing people,terrorism,pedophilia and embezzlement of public money do not come close to causing such a public uproar  like one simple statement:I am gay!If you are a good person it doesn't matter are you gay or straight,Muhamed or Petar,believer or atheist.You are you and that should be enough.
The only time I held a grudge against someone,it was against my college professor.We never actually determined what he was.First he was rumored to be gay,than bisexual and than he turned up married.Anyway,me and hundreds of my colleagues disliked him because he sucked as a person,not because he was or was not gay.
All this made me think of my celebrity crushes who turned out to be homosexuals or were rumored to be homosexuals:actors,models,designers, name it but I never stopped watching,listening or following any of them....btw.if it ever turns out that David Gandy is gay I'm ghonna jump form the first highest building....

my favorite top favorite gay people right now....

1.Jim Parsons,our favorite nerd from The Big Bang Theory
3.Matthew Bomer,Magic Mike
4.Luke Evans,The Raven
5. John Barrowman,Dr.Who
6.Nate Berkus, my favorite since he appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show"
7. Neil Patrick Harris,How I Met Your Mother

I also got an email from M.with this link in it.The topic of the show is the upcoming "Pride Parade" in Belgrade scheduled for the October 6th.It's pretty interesting show and I just love Eva Ras sense of humor.But honestly I'm afraid what will happen to those people since the parade from 2010 ended up badly.This year there was an open call for the massacre of  gay population and some very disturbing photos were circling the internet.Among other things they talked about Andrej Pejic,dunno why cause he never declared himself to be gay...or he did but I somehow missed it.What bugged me the most when I googled him was this "the Serbian-born,Australian-raised androgynous male who's taking the fashion world by storm".Ok,the guy was born in Tuzla and last time I checked Tuzla is in Bosnia and Herzegovina not in Serbia.You should at least get the information right before you decide to publish something.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

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Oh shit Rain,not you again

It's officially fall when it's pouring outside:no more sunny days,no more sleeveless shirts and no denim shorts.Autumn is never fun for me.I was born in summer and I'm all about being shinny and bright.As long as the sun shines I'm good,when it rains I'm also good-just good for nothing.When I was a kid I kept repeating to anyone who listened that when I grow up I will live someplace sunny,with no snow or rain.So much about the truthfulness of that statement.Putting colorful stuff on me does not help a bit when everything around is gray,dark,wet and empty.I wouldn't set my foot outside if I didn't have to because every time I end up with wet everything and a mild case of flu.


The only thing that improves my mood right now is the fact that I'm sending my first portrait overseas.A friend of a friend of a friend recommended me for the job,on which I'm more than grateful.I will upload the drawing as soon as I get the permission from the new owner.As a payment I will receive something I wanted for so long and it couldn't have come at a better time.With them I will be fit and ready to fight monsoons.Here are my soon-to-be-babies "tokidoki X chooka rain boots".I initially wanted those with geisha print but they were out of stock.So the first ones are just fine.They fit perfectly with my quirky personality.


And since I'm such a modest person here is my wishlist for this fall.It's not much just the necessary stuff I need desperately in order to survive this sucky yucky weather:cute coat or just the guy in the middle (hug is enough to warm me up),Ulyana Sergeenko backpack (the one backpack I'm dying to have),colorful umbrella,hats (my latest obsession from Topshop,Radley,Debenhams,House of Fraser,John Lewis) and art supplies (last but not the least important)....


Luckily I still have nail polishes to kill the monotony and to make my days and nails much interesting....since I used to put some of them in my art when I lacked acrylics maybe it's time to start experiment again.It's not like I have something else to do

For killing time I also recommend Gabriel Garcia Marquez.Yes,his books are hundred miles long and demand a certain level of concentration but I adore them.Love in the time of Cholera and One Hundred Years Of Solitude are,by far,my favorites.Love in the time of Cholera got it's movie version with Javier Bardem,Giovanna Mezzogiorno and Benjamin Bratt so you can watch if you don't have time for reading.
"Legend Of The Guardians" is something else worth watching .It would be a shame to miss the excessive amount of cuteness,adventure and fun in one place.And since I'm a sucker for all things feathery and furry I watched it several times.One day I will definitely buy myself a pet...owl or a monkey,maybe both!